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Who is
JEnny B?


Jenny B has been facilitating and public speaking for the past 15 years all over the world. She has a passion for personal growth and has invested a decade developing leaders from all walks of life. Today, Jenny is found on stages everywhere spreading her infectious excitement for people who desire to be their best in all they do.


As a host and professional emcee, this lady will have your special event covered with her quick wit, grounded stage presence and affinity for having an audience in the palm of her hand. Jenny has a natural charisma that brings an audience together for an incredible multi-day conference, fundraiser or corporate event.


Jenny B is an entertainer at heart. From her experience as an actor on stage and screen in her 20’s to her time live on the radio waves as a co-host for the morning radio show in her 30’s to her ongoing voiceover work and stand-up comedy, she is equipped for anything.


fall registration


Classes start Wednesday, September 11 and run throughout the fall 2x per day, morning and evening every Wednesday!

From personal to corporate leadership and everything in between, Leadership Life teaches the fundamentals of leadership as it applies both in life and business. The course is offered in 3 levels: Essentials, Integration and Mastery. Each course builds on the previous level to maximize results.

Leadership Life is for you if any of the following apply to you or your company:

  • You are interested in developing effective leadership skills for life and business for yourself and for your team.

  • You or people on your team are evolving into a leadership role and you want to avoid the pitfalls many new leaders make.

  • You are currently in a leadership role and looking for practical training to sharpen your skills and become a better leader or you have a team of leaders that would benefit greatly from additional training to enhance their effectiveness as leaders.

  • A business owner who is leading people through the growth of your company and are looking for additional tools in order to do lead your team effectively.

* Each course is offered in 3 hour sessions in the morning or evening on Wednesdays, starting September 11, 2019

Leadership Life Essentials is a comprehensive kick-start to any leadership journey. Jenny has crammed 10 years of leadership development and personal development training into this power-packed 3 hour class.

What you will get:

  • A deep understanding of your core strengths and a strategy to build upon them.

  • A your core values and how they can be used (together with your core strengths) to combat any interpersonal or circumstantial conflict that may come up in life or business.

  • Communication tools to effectively navigate common struggles in life and business.

  • Practical knowledge about what motivates and inspires people to do and be their best.

    * Each course is offered in 3 hour sessions in the morning or evening on Wednesdays, starting September 11, 2019

Leadership Life Integration takes the leadership journey deeper into leadership practice. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to develop your skills as a leader in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, strengths-based leadership and strategic growth.

What you will get:

  • Communication-ninja tools that will transform every conversation you have in order to achieve your desired outcome. ie: Giving and receiving feedback, managing confrontation and how to properly hire and fire.

  • A leadership language that works in support of trust building, comradery, loyalty, respect and understanding.

  • A roadmap for developing leaders around you (direct reports, colleagues and those above you).

    * Each course is offered in 3 hour sessions in the morning or evening on Wednesdays, starting September 11, 2019

Leadership Life Mastery is a deep dive into the truth about real leadership. This course offers practical strategies for leaders who want to sharpen their tools, gain deeper insights into the mindset of amazing leaders and create amazing cultures in their workplace.

What you will get:

  • Effective tools that will shape how you lead different types of people and personalities.

  • An in-depth view into the leadership mindset strategies that made greatest leaders of our time successful.

  • A culture creation guide: You will learn how to build and foster an amazing culture amongst your team.

  • A support community that you will have access to as you grow in your leadership journey.

* Each course is offered in 3 hour sessions in the morning or evening on Wednesdays, starting September 11, 2019


What people are saying

We have had the pleasure of engaging Jennifer as a speaker with Shell for multiple engagements, both with groups of junior engineers and with our larger leadership teams. She brings experience and passion to her engagements and has helped us in leadership motivation and resiliency topics. Look forward to the next one.
— Mark Grant, Team Lead, Shell Canada
Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious – balanced against story-telling that can bring grown men to tears. I have subsequently worked with Jen on speaking engagements where she has applied her extensive skill-sets to motivate and empower youth in strengths-based leadership and development. She is extremely competent, well organized, articulate and professional – I would work with her any day of the week and highly recommend her to anyone seeking her skills.
— Mark Little Executive Director | Not for Profit Operations | Strategy | Transformational Change | Business Performance , Scouts Canada
Jennifer has worked with me and my staff over many years in a variety of ways. Most recently as the espy team coach. She comes in monthly and leads my team through all the personal vision and values work that I wish I had always known about and makes them better people and employees with this work.

She also is an amazing public speaker, and hosts events for us often in our business. Just give her a microphone and she will inspire, lead, coach, and make you laugh. I highly recommend Jennifer.
— Megan Szanik Owner, Espy Experience